Adryane in Pérou

My name is Adryane BLANCHARD; I’m twenty. I ‘m studying at the High School Errecart in Saint-Palais (64120); I did my placement from 21 May to 19 April with two classmates. CHASKA is an association; it’s located in the north of Lima, next to Primavera. Its activities are farming and learning support. My tutor was Luz Marina; the director of CHASKA.

 During these four weeks, I cleaned the field, I took the roots off from alfalfa, I picked up potatoes, and I fetched the donkey’s list at the neighbours’. Every Wednesday afternoon, I went to school to teach how to write and read to children from four to twelve, I taught them how to write their name,   and I make them read.

 I visited the ruins of Caral and the ruins of Ichicwillkawain. I was lucky to attend to the Happy Mother’s Day and saw children dance in traditional costumes.

 I did a trek during one day, where I

saw beautiful landscapes as the white Cordillera and the Lagoon 69.

 I cooked and shared one of my favourite meals with my host family.

 What I remember as a positive side, is that I learnt Spanish; I met another culture and the way of life was very different to France, exchanges with children, and magic landscapes. But I would have liked that Luz Marina was more present and feel myself more helpful within this association.

 I recommend this country because: people are very nice, and hospitable. Life is very different; they aren’t any water, electricity, and comfort. It’s very interesting; it’s a total change of scenery. Moreover it’s   a splendid country. It’s an unforgettable experience.


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Lesson of writng
Traditional costumes and dance
The Lagoon 69

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